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Initial WebAdminSuite content

iPlan's new WebAdminSuite.com web site is now through the design and implementation stage. That means that all of the images and programming to control the look and feel of the site is now complete, and the WebAdmin back-end application is installed and ready to start serving content. Initial content articles have been written and uploaded. Expect to see lots more content over the comming weeks and months.

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News Releases

Content Tags in WebAdmin
Content Tags are now available in WebAdmin 3.0
Release Date: 12/24/2009

New Tools Make Internal Links Easy
The next step in WebAdmin enhancement. Asset Manager and Site LInk selector are now available.
Release Date: 12/24/2009

New Photo Slide Show
WebAdmin 3 now has a new animated photo slide show
Release Date: 12/12/2009

Initial WebAdminSuite content
Initial WebAdminSuite content is loaded
Release Date: 10/8/2009

New WebAdminSuite.com website
iPlan announces a new web site to show-case it's WebAdmin content management system.
Release Date: 9/29/2009

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