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gmail Setup
How to setup your account for access through gmail

Your email account can be accessed through your gmail account. Google has a tutorial for adding a POP3 account to your gmail account here.

We have included a detailed  set of screen shots showing the settings required for your email account.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Where you see mike@customnetconcepts you should insert [yourAccount]@[yourdomain.com]  Where you see mail.customnetconcepts.com, you should substitute mail.[yourdomain.com] 

There are several steps that you will need to perform on your gmail account configuration pages to enable gmail to receive and send email through your pop3 account:

1. Click the gear icon at the top of any Gmail page, choose Settings and open the Accounts and Import tab. (For Google Apps domains, open the Accounts tab.)

2. In the Check mail from other accounts section, click Add POP3 email account.

3. Enter the full email address of the account you'd like to access, then click Next Step.

4.  Enter the incoming mail server configuration information for your mail account and click Add Account.

5. If you want to configure gmail to send mail from your email account, then select Yes and click Next Step.  Otherwise, click No and you are finished.

6.  Enter the name you want to display as your email "From" name and click Next Step.

7. Enter the configuration settings for the outgoing mail SMTP server.  Make sure that you use securemail.server5000.com as your SMTP server, 25 as the port number, and select TLS security.

Gmail should now be configured to send and receive emails from your email account.  You Will receive a verification email at your pop3 account.  You must click the link in that email to enable sending from your gmail account.

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