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Using File Manager
How to upload and use files & images in File Manager

File Manager, also known as Asset Manager, is a great way to keep track of all the documents, images, etc that you need for your site.
Once you click on the File Manager on the left side of the window, it will pop up in front of the window.

File Manager Screen
The first Field is a drop-down menu where you can choose a folder in which you are going to store the file/image you plan to upload. The common options are images, files, documents and video. You can also add and delete folders just to the right of the drop-down menu.
After deciding on a location, you will want to click browse at the bottom of the window. This will allow another window to open and you to find the file on the computer where you saved it. Once you have found it, click on it then click open and that window will close.
You then click upload to begin the upload of your file.

Once it is uploaded, the name will appear in a list to the right. If you click on the name, it will appear in the box to the left for preview.

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