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Outlook 2007 mail setup

For those sites that have email hosting included in their WebAdmin site hosting, we use the SmarterMail mail server program.
To configure Outlook 2007 to access your email account, do the following:
1. Select the Tools > Account Settings menu item
2. In the E-mail accounts dialog box, select the New icon.
3.  Select the first option "Microsoft Exchange, Pop3, . . . " and select next
4. Select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types box at the bottom of the new account dialog box and select next.
5.  Select the "Internet E-mail" option on the choose E-mail service dialog box and select next.
6.  Fill in the required information on the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box
Your Name:  The name you would like to have associated with the account.
E-mail Addres:  [username]@[yourdomain.com]
Account type: POP3
Incoming Mail Server: mail.[yourdomain.com]
outgoing mail server: mail.[yourdomain.com]
Logon Information:
user name:  [username]@[yourdomain.com]  (use your complete e-mail address)
password: The password that was provided to you or that you set during account creation
Remember password:  Checked
DO NOT check the "Require Logon using Secure Password Authentication
7.  Click the More Settings button.  On the more settings dialog box, select the Outgoing server tab.
   Select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
   Select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"
8.  Select the "Advanced Settings Tab on the more settings dialog box
  Make sure that the incoming server port is set to 110 and the outgoing server port is set to 587
9. Click OK on the more settings dialog.
10. Click Test account Settings you should get a pass result for send and recieve.
11.  Select the next button and then the finish button.
Your outlook should now be set up to access your smartermail e-mail account.

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