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Edit or add an article
How to Edit or add a WebAdmin article

In many cases, you will want to add, remove, or change the contents of an article that is already set up for your web site. Other times, you will need to add a completely new article. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to add a new content article or update an existing article: After you have logged in, you will see the following page:
Click on the "Content Manager" link on the left hand menu. You will be taken to the content manager page:
Notice that the content articles are sorted by category. Find the article in the list that you want to edit and click on the article name. If you are adding a new article, click the "Add New Article" link in navigation menu on the left of the screen.You will be taken to the article edit page shown below:
Verify that all of the article description fields are correct:
  • Article Name: Give your article a short descriptive name
  • ByLine: OPTIONAL You can list the article author here
  • Description: Type a short description of this article
  • Article Category: IMPORTANT Select the content category for this article from the drop-down selection box
  • Article URL: OPTIONAL You can type a link to another web site for more information here. Most often this field is left blank.
  • Sort Number: Use this field to determine the order in which your articles are displayed. Articles with lower sort order are displayed first
Add or edit the text of your article and add links and images. When you have finished editing, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom right of the article editor panel. NOTE: If you navigate away from the article editor page without clicking "Save Changes" first, you will loose your changes.

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