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Add or Edit Calendar Event
How to add or edit a celendar event in your site's WebAdmin

On the left-hand side under "Calendar Management" there is the option to "Add New Event".

This is where you will want to add any events pertaining to your site. You will come to this window:

Add New Calendar Event Screen
First, insert the name or title of the event.
You will need to then choose the Start and End Dates for the event. You can simply type them in the field (MM/DD/YYYY) or click on the calendar on the right, and choose your date. The same applies for the End Date. If it is just the one day, just repeat the Start Date in the end Date Field.
If you have a private section of your website, you can choose to make the event viewable to just those with access to the private section or to everyone.
In the Short Summary Field, you can add a short description of the event or a byline.
In the Longer event description, you have room to do many things. You want to get any important information about the event, place, time, contact info, etc, but also you have the option to adding images, flash or media as well as links to other pages, etc. See "Editor Tutorial" for more information on these options.
Click Add Event and your event should be immediately placed in the events section of the site.

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